Google Travel Search Engine Prepared

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sinauw, If you do not know where to spend vacation time,
but averse to the
various offers from travel agents,
anxiety soon it will be answered.

Google is currently preparing a search engine about traveling. Tourist
information service is actually derived
from a travel data company, ITA, which has Google acquired with a value of U.S. $
700 million.

Google will integrate ITA Software made ​​
traveling with the Google Maps service so that users better
understand the
destination and
estimate how much it cost to get there.
Of ITA software,
user-made travel search site Google
may also know the flight path, the availability of
airplane seats, and at what price.

At the service,
Google can detect your Internet
Protocol (IP) so that users can give advice about the
location of nearby
attractions in the
vicinity. The plan,
travel search sites that will be launched
within the next few weeks.

Actually not easy for Google to buy the
company's travel
data of this ITA.

The company is
headquartered in California must
obtain approval from a federal court judge
in advance. The
reason, corporate travel agency that also use the services ITA concerned with this annexation
because Google could monopolize the industry travel information.