Facebook Block Ads Google+

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 17 July 2011

Facebook Block Ad Google+

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Facebook blocking Google ads on the site. It is known after
an 'ad' Google +
profile belongs to an application
developer on
Facebook shut down suddenly.

Michael Lee Johnson,
a developer of
applications that
'advertise' his
Google+ profile on Facebook. Such actions he did so his friends come to add
her profile on Google+, but suddenly it
was abruptly closed its advertising.

"I just created a
personal ad Google+ profile, but suddenly
everything was
abruptly closed.'s
Good," wrote
Johnson on the
Google +.

As quoted by Mashable, Sunday (17/07/2011), a
Johnson Google+ ad that read 'If you are lucky to have a Google+ account add
Michael Lee Johnson, an Application

Facebook has
blocked people
trying to promote
Google + in it. But
how do users who want to invite their
Facebook friends to Google+? Because the majority of social
networking users are already on

Last week Google had noted there are
already more than 10 million users of
Google+. In fact,
there were approximately 7.3 million + Google account that has been activated since July 10.