Indonesia increasingly Disadvantage in Information Technology

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sinauw, Vice Chairman of the Press Council Bambang Harymurti criticize Bill (the Bill) Convergence Telematics. Intention of the government regulate the communication and information technologies make it even Indonesia to walk backwards.

This is expressed by Bambang in discussion 'The preparation of the Multi-Media Convergence Bill' which was held at the House of the Press Council, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, Thursday (26 / 5).

Bambang compare the settings of communication and information technology in Indonesia differ greatly with Malaysia. The Malaysian government openly and explicitly declared free internet censorship, compared with Indonesia full of strict rules here and there.

"The spirit set even get into the content. This remarkable setback. Malaysia that was more conservative country than our country, but his administration is absolutely no prohibition on the Internet," said Bambang.

In the reign of Mahathir Mohammad, Malaysia's vision even gave birth to 2020, namely knowledge-based society that targets people who are outside can connect to people who are in Malaysia.

"Law in Malaysia there is no Internet censorship. The Malaysian government has freed its citizens to open all sites. In Indonesia it subject to Internet censorship. Indonesia is close to Iran," said Bambang.

The impact of tightening regulation of course, make Indonesia more conservative. Indonesia is also lagging behind Malaysia in terms of modernization. Bambang also recommended to the Indonesian government is not ashamed to imitate the good of Malaysia.

"It's been 10 years of free Internet censorship in Malaysia, but the people do not become depraved. In fact, in the Human Development Index released by the UN, the more years of the Malaysian society better than Indonesia," said Bambang.