Google Began to Develop Social Gaming

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 24 June 2011

CALIFORNIA - If you think there are no limits in the technology world,
you're right. At least if associated with
the search engine giant Google is
allegedly preparing
to navigate the
world of social

The discourse was revealed in the job
placed by Google.

Vacancy for the
position of product manager at the
Games at Google was first discovered by
one of the leading tech news site,

"A rare opportunity
to develop new
business, Games at Google! We are
seeking a Product Manager with
strategic and
technical ability and love of the game to boost Google's
strategy," the
were told MSNBC on Friday (06/24/2011).

"You will design a strategy for
distribution and
discovery game, the identity of the player, the game mechanism and
much more. In
addition to designing
a great user
experience and to build key
partnerships, you also will affect Google's social platform as you will
work directly with game developers,"
advanced ad.

Google Parties have not provided
certainty what
exactly Games at
Google it.

based on the want ads, the Mountain
company was likely to create something
related to the social world.

Some observers
have indicated that social gaming giant
Zynga, the success
with 'Farmville,
FrontierVille and
CityVille, also
involved in this

Zynga reportedly has been quietly
cooperating with
Google since last
year to develop
games together.

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