Google will work on Online Music

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sinauw, Google will host an online music
service. If there is no obstruction, the announcement was made​​today.

The model, according to
The Wall Street
Journal l, will be the same as that worked by

Google will announce
the service at the annual developer
conference event
Google I / O in San Francisco.
for while the service was still in a testing
position, so it is not available to the public.

In April, Amazon has launched its online music service. The
service allows
consumers to save approximately 1,000 more in Amazon's
servers for free.

Collections that can be played directly on
your Internet browser.

Google services are also similar. He would like a hard drive that can be accessed remotely.
Users can upload
songs and listen to it
through an Internet
However, users can
not download files that song.