Steve Wozniak Want to Return to Apple

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sinauw, Brigthon, England-
Steve Wozniak, one
of the former
founders of Apple,
wants to return to
the leadership of
that company if
allowed. He believed,
Apple will be more
open than it does

"I have considered
it," said Wozniak, 60-
year-old computer
engineer was told
Reuters news
agency yesterday.
Wozniak founded
Apple Computer in
1976 with Steve
Jobs and Ronald

Collaborations yield
Apple I and Apple II
personal computer
revolutionized the
world participate. In
1987 Wozniak
After him, Apple
under Jobs grown
into a company that
produces consumer
phenomenal. Among
them is the
multimedia player
iPod and multimedia
tablet iPad.
However, Jobs
famous physically
Jobs have been
absent for three
times to undergo a
medical examination
since 2004. In the
past two years, Jobs
underwent liver
transplant surgery
and surgery to treat
pancreas cancer in
Asked about Apple
products today,
Wozniak was
amazed. "It can not
be trusted. Its
products, each other,
quality, and sales,"
said the figure who
is now a chief
scientist on a new
storage company,
Apple products
favored by many
consumers, but a
closed system
makes this company
a lot of criticism, as
Microsoft's. Wozniak,
who throughout his
life dealing with the
technology said the
technology should be
relatively open so he
can go in and give a
personal touch.
"My thinking is, Apple
can be more open
but do not lose the
sales," said Wozniak.

What about Jobs?

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