Shakira denies dating Footballers Gerard Pique

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 1 April 2011


Sinauw, bloody
Colombian singer,
Shakira finally go to
vote on its
relationship with the
footballer Gerard
Pique. He denied
having in dating man
10 years younger
than she was.
As reported by
Showbizspy, it is
expressed through
his Twitter account
on Thursday

Chanter 'Waka Waka
(This Time for Africa)'
was uploading
pictures with him
and Pique
background sun was
Below the image, he
also wrote the
words in Spanish,
'Les presento a mi
sol'. The text means
"I dedicate to you My Sun".

The photos were
dijepret when they
were both
and Pique are known
to have the same
birth date is on
February 2, but
different year.
Footballers are now
strengthening the FC
Barcelona is 10 years
younger than

Rumors about the
existence of
Shakira's special
relationship with
Pique circulated
after the 2010 World
Cup performances.
When it's lined up to
star as a singer
Shakira theme song
for the World Cup
held in Africa.

Several times
Shakira denies
relationship with the
players who brought
Spain back in 2010
was the world
champion. According
to him, he and Pique
was limited to
"We're just friends.
Nothing more than
that," he said.

The issue of dating
both also
relationships with
the end of Shakira
and a lawyer,
Antonio de la Rua at
the beginning of
2011 this. In fact,
Shakira has a special
relationship with
Antonio for 11 years.