President F1 Circuit Critical Condition

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sinauw, Sepang -
FIA president Jean
Todt cast a related
criticism of the poor
condition of the F1
circuit. If you
continue like this,
Todd believes the
number of
spectators FI will
continue to decline.

Todt said the F1
circuits are too
narrow, so it does
not provide enough
space for the drivers
to take action Salip.
"Racing like in Abu
Dhabi in 2010, where
you can not
overtake, not
acceptable," he told
Auto Motor und Sport
quoted on ESPN F1.
"Recent data shows
the decline in the
number of
spectators. People
have many choices
in filling the free
time and every day
we must ask
ourselves how to
improve the
elements of
entertainment (in
Besides the track,
Todt also said
identifying the
drivers is another
factor that inhibits
the growth of the
audience joined F1.
"In television, it is
difficult to determine
who is on each car.

Only the experts who
know helmets (each
driver) and a lot of
drivers that change
the design from race
to race."
"NASCAR overcome
this well. A driver
will get a number
which he held
throughout his
career, easily
recognizable by fans
directly," he

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