Owner Tablet Select Play Game Than Browsing

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 9 April 2011

Apparently, the most
popular activities
among the owners
of tablet computers
is play games, while
the least popular
activity is shopping
At least that Admob
survey results from
Google to the 1430
respondents in the
United States during
March 2011 as
quoted by Slashdot
on Saturday

Recorded, 84 percent
owner of the tablet
more like gaming
activity compared to
find info or browsing
(78 percent), email
(74 percent) and
reading the news (61
Meanwhile, 51
percent owner of the
tablet admitted
using their
sophisticated device
to enjoy
content, followed by
reading electronic
books (46 percent)
and shopping online
(42 percent).
Not only that, this
survey also found
that tablet users
more frequently use
their devices on
weekdays (69
percent) rather than
weekends (31
percent). They also
claim to more
frequent use of
tablets at night (62
percent) than during
the day (38 percent).
As many as 28
percent of
respondents claimed
that the tablet has
now become their
primary computing
devices, replacing a
PC or laptop.
77 percent of others
claim that the use of
PCs and laptops they
reduced after buying
a tablet.

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