LinkedIn Applications Present at the Android Market

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Social
networking site for
LinkedIn, finally
provide an
application for
Android-based smart
phone users.

As reported by the
CIO, on Saturday
(09/04/2011), for the
first version of this
application, the
company focused
their attention on
features. Senior
product manager
explains LinkedIn
Chad Whitney on his
blog post.

The main menu of
this application
allows users to
access the six
features, ie updates,
search, connections,
messages and
This application can
be downloaded for
free via the Android
Market, after earlier
LinkedIn applications
available for iPhone
and BlackBerry

Over the next few
months, LinkedIn will
be adding more
features that have
been requested by
users during the beta
testing phase.
Whitney did not
specify what
features are planned
to be added.
Late last March,
LinkedIn has
managed to
penetrate the 100
million members
after launch in 2003.
Approximately 44
million users came
from the United
States, while
another 56 million
live outside the
continental U.S..