Jaguar Sport Hatchback, Successor of the R- D6

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sinauw, Jaguar unremitting
innovate. This time,
the owner of luxury
car brand is
generating a sports
sedan hatchback.
Inspired by the
concept R-D6 which
was exhibited at the
car exhibition in
Frankfurt some time
ago, Jaguar car price
estimate besutannya
about 60.000 U.S.
RD-6 concept in the
eyes of the Jaguar
has an innovative
concept. Jaguar
sports hatchback
that immerse V6
engine and 3.0 diesel
and 3.5 liter capacity,
very compact design
with lightweight
aluminum chassis
that is also very
efficient in terms of
fuel consumption.
This small car
planned to replace
the down market
and the Jaguar X-
This five-door car will share a chassis
with the next-
generation Jaguar XK and XE is being developed as a competitor to the Porsche Boxter.
Meanwhile, at the same time, the Jaguar S-Type to cancel the launch of
a new output
because it is already too old and obsolete.