HTC outperform Nokia & RIM's Stock Exchange

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sinauw, TAIPEI - Taiwan-
based HTC mobile
phone vendor
managed to beat
Nokia and Research
In Motion RIM) in
terms of stock value
following the
increase in Taiwan
stocks by 1.69
percent overall.

Yahoo News
reported on
(04/07/2011), HTC's
share value rose
5.26 percent,
bringing the total
value of company
stock to USD33, 8
billion. This figure is
higher than the
record $ 32 Nokia, 84
billion and RIM
(USD28, 5 billion).

Increase in value of
these shares is
believed to be the
impact of Japan's
economic recovery
efforts after the
earthquake and
tsunami last March
"Japan will inject a
lot of money for its
financial system so
that attracting more
foreign investors
back to emerging
markets such as
South Korea and
Taiwan," said Robert
Hsieh, assistant vice
president of financial
firm Shin Kong

Unlike many Android
devices, HTC mobile
phones thanks to
superior hardware
and software design
uniquely determined
by the company. In
addition, some
analysts also judge
that the HTC move
quickly in adopting
new trends and
create unique

Goldman Sachs
analyst for Robert
Chen predicts that
HTC will ship
approximately 200
million mobile
phones and tablet
computers 30 million
annually in three to
five years into the
"This discourse
reflects HTC superior
position and allows
companies that
make profits from
the trend of
convergence of
broadband, the
potential for
significant growth in
developing markets,
as well as product
roadmap and
promotion that will
continue to enhance
brand preference
among consumers
globally," said Chen.