Facebook Add Function "Send"

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sinauw, up
again to present an
update on its
website. These social
networking giant has
just added the
function "Send" is
increasingly easy for
users to share

New functions are added up it is a development of the feature "Group". Send
button can be used to share information
directly to the
intended person.

For example, when they want to invite close friends on vacation, or when he found an interesting
article that just want
to share with
someone from your
company, you can
simply enter the
Group, inbox or wall
designated friends
and click on the Send

"This key is designed
to allow users to
share content with
friends nearby," said Product Manager up,
Austin Haugen
quoted from
Mashable, Wednesday
This new
functionality will
become friends as
well as the "Like" is an even aged one year and installed by more than 10 thousand websites every week.

Just as the"Like", "Send" focus allows users to share in private (private sharing) rather than public sharing.
because Send also
includes the ability to
share articles via
email, then the
function of "email to a friend" which is
generally printed on millions of websites may slowly be replaced.