Amazon Launches Storage Service Online

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 1 April 2011

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Sinauw, San
Francisco: Inc..
seems to want to
continue to pamper
our customers with
advanced services
kites. Recently,
online sales site that
launched online
media storage
service that you can
use to store music
files, photos, videos,
and can be accessed
at any time.

As reported by the
Associated Press,
Tuesday (29 / 3),
Amazon launched
two new services,
namely the Amazon
Cloud Drive and the
Amazon Cloud Player.

The first service is
provided to upload
and store files such
as music, videos, and
photos on Amazon's
servers, which can
be accessed from a
Web browser on a
Mac or PC.

In the second
service, you can play
the songs you have
uploaded on your
computer or on a
smartphone that
runs Google's
operating software,
company said it will
charge for services
Cloud Drive, offering
a capacity of 5
gigabytes Amazon
account. Not only
Amazon, Google Inc.
and Apple Inc. is also
reportedly in the
process of working
for will soon launch a
similar service to
Amazon's Music
Director, Craig Pape,
said that Amzon
been running this
online storage
service to a
company called
Amazon S3.
of the release of
customer service
"cloud" is devoted to
making the
consumer the
Amazon for easy
access to digital
content wherever
they are located.