VMware Infrastructure Solutions Presents New Cloud

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 14 March 2011

Sinauw- VMware
presents a series of
new strategies and
solutions for
VMware vCenter
Operations IT
organizations to
simplify and
automate IT services
in dynamic virtual
environments and
cloud computing.

This new approach
can not be handled
by the devices and
the traditional IT
processes are
designed to perform
different processes
in a series of static
and the traditional
process can not
compensate for the
speed of the new
virtual environment
that is more
"For an intelligent
organization utilize
the opportunities,
move to Cloud
computing is the
way they 'solve' the
model of traditional
IT management,"
said Cameron Haight,
Research Vice
President Gartner,
quoted by official
statement on
Monday (3/14/2011).

"IT management
should be changed
completely when the
enterprise expands
virtual infrastructure
to achieve levels of
efficiency and
alertness is needed,"
said Ramin Sayar,
Vice President of
Product Strategy,
vCenter Operations
will be integrated
closely with VMware
vSphere, able to
recognize the
intelligence functions
of infrastructure
management and
can collect data from
the physical
(servers, storage,
networks) and
various other
devices in the

vCenter Operations
will analyze millions
of data points that
produced the system
in real-time to filter
out important
information and
display it visually in a
simple and could be
followed up through
the dashboard.