Nexian owner of Spice Group acquired for $ 175 Million

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 5 March 2011

manufacturer that
has 25% market
share in Indonesia,
Nexian, come with
excellent news for
the biotechnology
industry in Indonesia.
Brand 'Nexian'
owned by Affinity
group which takes
care of distribution
of mobile devices
and also the
distribution of
cellular connections
from several major
operators in
Indonesia. Affinity
Group is now in the
process of finalizing
where the group
was acquired by the
Spice i2i , one of the
group in Southeast
Spice i2i formerly
known as Singapore
companies by the
name of Media Ring
Ltd which acquired
Spice Group , a
holding company
based in India telco
then later changed
its name to Spice i2i .
Last year also
acquired NewTel
Spice i2i Corporation,
the second largest
local handset
manufacturers in
Thailand with the
acquisition of $ 22
million. Not only that,
i2i Spice also has a
35% stake in Spice
CSL is a joint venture
between Spice
company i2i with
manufacturers and
VAS (Value Added
Services), CSL Mobile
from Malaysia.
Affinity Group Nexian
brand itself as a
shareholder, is one
of the largest local
mobile player in
Indonesia, with the
main target market
with low-end pricing
is also very cheap.
According to an
announcement on
the website Spice
i2i , Affinity Group's
revenue in 2010
alone is estimated to
reach $ 680 million
which Affinity also
sell handsets to
companies such as
Blackberry, HTC,
Motorola and also
after-sales service
and even retailers.
This acquisition is
also very significant
impact, where the
Spice i2i became the
first Singaporean
company which has
the largest market
share in the mobile
industry in Indonesia
who are growing
incredible fast.