Microsoft: Stop Use IE (Internet Explorer) 6

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sinauw- Browser Internet
Explorer 6 has been
released Microsoft.
But users are still
quite a lot and make
Microsoft worried.
This browser is
vulnerable infiltrated
by a malicious
program that
Microsoft expects
that users
immediately stop
using it.
For the sake of
smooth out the hope
that, Microsoft
launched a special
website for the
campaign stop using
IE 6. People were
asked to campaign
for the immediate
ban if you know
someone is using IE
According to
Microsoft's data
taken from Net
Applications, IE 6
users is quite high.
Although many
browsers popping
up, still about 12% of
the global
community to use it.
Quoted from
TechRadar, Saturday
Microsoft's target
within a year, users
of IE 6 live less than
"Friends do not let
your friends use IE 6.
Education others to
stop using IE 6,"
Microsoft said in a
IE 6 is considered
vulnerable to
security so as to
make computer
users at risk of
malware infection.
Even the
governments of
Germany and France
had once called for
its citizens to avoid
the browser.