Jobs Inflamed iPhone Browser Slow Assessed

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sinauw, Apple CEO Steve
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time ago the
company said that
Blaze Software
contained in the
Android browser is
much faster than a
browser tool on the
iPhone 4. This of
course makes Apple
CEO Steve Jobs
inflamed, then issued
his opinion.
According to Jobs,
what the Blaze did
not fully meet the
criteria for testing.
Apple said the
methodology that
the company has a
very significant
"Testing their
disability, they do
not really test the
Safari browser on
the iPhone. Instead,
they only test their
own applications,
which uses an
embedded web
viewer does not
really take
advantage of the
optimisations the
Safari," said Apple
Natalie Kerris, such
as ZD Net reported
on Saturday
"The result was
predictable, despite
this fundamental
flaw testing, they
still only found the
average difference
in loading the web
page," he added.
Blaze compare smart
phone speed Nexus
S, backed Android
operating system 2.3
and using the
Chrome browser, the
iPhone 4 which uses
the Safari browser
and is supported IOS
4.3. As a result,
Nexus managed to
open a web page in
2.144 seconds.
Meanwhile, the
iPhone took 3.254
The test is
repeatedly using a
3G wireless
connection or
wireless. Android
phones featuring
faster performance
than the iPhone 4 in
the opening 84
percent of the total
of 1000 sites were
prepared for the
Of the 1,000 sites
tested, 175 of which
is a site that is
specifically accessed
through mobile.
iPhone repair time
record in opening the
mobile web page to
39 percent, while
Android fix records
time up to 8 percent.