IE 9 Claimed Most Energy Efficient

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 31 March 2011

SNW Images- IE 9 Source:
Microsoft claims
that Internet
Explorer 9 (IE9) is an
friendly browser,
and get a label
In the IEBlog post,
the company
explains graph test
results electric
consumption by
using IE9, Chrome 10,
Firefox 4, Opera 11
and Safari 5.

From the first three
namely IE9 browser,
Chrome 10, and
Firefox 4 shows the
number nearest to
the system is idle.
However IE9 achieve
the lowest watts,
when a user visited
a news site, with
running applications

For comparison site
news, IE9 can cut the
time to 33 minutes if
using battery-
powered 56Wh,
when running a
browser on a blank
page. While Firefox 4
only capable of up to
31 minutes of idle
time. How Chrome
10? The
performance of
Google's browser is
pretty bad, need one
hour 7 minutes.

As for HTML5 tests
showed similar
results. IE9 lead with
extended battery life
capability for 3 hours
and 45 minutes.
Firefox followed in
second place with a
difference 10
minutes longer.

Chrome 10 and
Safari 5 just able to
one hour only. While
the Opera 11 entered
the list last position.