CEM Systems Launch New Security Solution

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sinauw- CEM 2000
Lite AC sytem, has
just launched its
latest security
solutions that are
reliable, ie DESFire 2-
door controller

For Indonesia, in
collaboration with
CEM Lite Sytem
Datascrip to provide
new solutions to
problems that often
occur card cloning.
sPass DESFire smart
card reader is used
as a liaison between
EDCM 350 which use
high encrypted RS
485 with sPass
reader. Encrypted
technology that has
been owned CEM
sPass Lite AC 2000
makes them better
readers because
they could not do
card cloning, of
course, this could
increase the safety
with economical
AC CEM 2000 Lite
sPass reader is
contactless smart
card reader with
triple DES which is
available as a reader
with keypad and

Yenni Suhartanto,
Marketing Manager
of Datascrip, in
Jakarta, Thursday
explained that eDCM
350 has features as
intelligent database
for offline card
validation. If in the
offline, eDCM 350 can
be used for 200
thousand cards.
eDCM can be
configured to
support 2 sPass
reader on two
different doors with
an additional exit
push button, also can
be configured to
support 2 sPass
reader in a door to
control access to
exit / entry. eDCM
350 is available in 2
options, namely a
serial cable or IP.
AC CEM 2000 Lite
also launched
contacless DESFire
13.56 MHz smart
cards to eliminate
the possibility of
card cloning.
"Each card has a
different encrypted
codes are stored in
the card with high
security. Smart card
can store up to 28
security applications
such as access to the
control or the means
to pay to eat at
vending machines,"
explained Sylvia
Lionggosari, Director
of Datascrip.
AC CEM 2000 Lite is
part of Tyco's
security products,
which provides
advanced security
solutions, among
which are access
control, ID badging,
alarm monitoring,
people counting
system and card