Android Market burglarized Malware

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Android
operating system
again attacked by
viruses that are
dangerous. After the
previous virus
targeting the
handset. Currently,
the target is a direct
application store, the
Android Market.

According to reports
security company
Sophos, the Android
Market on-jacked
and then infiltrated
with malware and
then users are
directed to the
Android Market
application store in

Reported by TG Daily,
(12/03/2011), a virus
that attacks the
Android Market is
kind of Trojan, which
utilizes a
menganganga hole in
Android, which is an
operating system.

"Defrauding includes
functionality to send
MMS messages, for
example, when the
device boots up
itself," explained
Svajcer, from
"The pattern of
attack to create a
fake security tool
that detects threats
that do not exist is
very common in the
PC world and has
brought a lot of
revenue for
cybercriminals," he